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Stego Health

Discover the power of AI in healthcare with Stego Health. Our platform delivers intelligent chart reviews, resolves intricate health queries, and generates customized health advice based on your EHR data. It's the future of patient-centered care - personalized, informed, and at your fingertips.

Answering Complicated Health Queries

EHR Chat

Get fast answers about your patient using Stego's EHR Chat. Whether you are wondering about their lab trends or simply checking their symptom history, do it in seconds with Stego's EHR Chat.

Transforming Chart Reviews with Intelligent Automation

Chart Review & Summarization

Shed the time-consuming task of manual chart reviews. Stego Health brings you an intelligent solution that extracts and synthesizes key data from EHRs. Our smart chart review feature makes sense of complex medical histories, presenting you with a clear, concise patient health snapshot. Step into a new era of efficiency, where AI does the heavy lifting.

Delivering Personalized Care, Powered by AI

Personalized Health Recommendations

Optimize your care plans with Stego Health's personalized health recommendations. Harnessing the power of AI and EHR data, we equip you with tailored advice that aligns with your patients' health status and goals. Whether suggesting lifestyle changes, proposing preventative screenings, or ensuring medication compliance, our tool helps you design comprehensive and individualized care plans. Deliver exceptional patient care with Stego Health.

Designed By Clinicians, For Clinicians

Better Quality, Lower Costs, Improved Experience

Our AI tools are designed to be seamlessly integrated in your existing workflows. Adaptable for solo practitioners or large health systems looking to improve their quality of care while lowering costs.

Created by a Team of Medical and AI Experts

Hillary Lin, MD

MD Founder, Stanford, Curio

Austin Welch

AI Scientist, AWS

Stego Health by hillarylin7

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Stego AI Demo

Solution Summary

Our EHR RAG Chatbot application was built with the following components:

• Synthetic patient FHIR JSONs from Snynthea and Metriport
• HuggingFace Model Zoo (hkunlp/instructor-large model, tiiuae/falcon-7b)
• AWS: Deployed the above models to SageMaker endpoints
• LangChain agents and tools


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